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The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.

Albert Schweitzer

Happiness, smile and joy is what we share with our co-humans. No matter what we do, but we feel protected and secured when we are aware that there is someone who cares for us just the way we care for ourselves. Problems are on every path of the road but there is always a solution to it. “Angels for you” is an attempt to provide a platform that brings solution to every problem that arises and bridges the gap between blood seekers to blood donators and helps one to report their problems to the law for safety issues at the time of difficulties.

Only when people starts caring and sharing for others society becomes a better place for each one of us to live. It’s rightly said, people are not born great but by doing good things, people always become great. There is a lot that each one of us would want to do, but the question is how much is one able to do, especially at the exact time of need?

We give you a platform where humans in the nearby locations get notified about the emergency scenarios:

Lady travelling alone and some people trying to follow her and makes her feel insecure. Old people or teenage left aboard on the street and in need of shelter.

Emergency ambulance or an accidental case. Any other relevant scenario that can be considered to be given utmost attention

Relevant platform where people can create awareness about the health camps, hospitals or information that can help our fellow humans.

Doctors, guardians, friends can notify our angels their requirement if they are unable to get medical necessity of the patient. Awareness and passing relevant information within your contacts can also make you angel.

We enable an end to end activity – right from when the current problem is notified to an angel helping to rescue. Chain stops when the problem is solved.

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Save humanity Great initiative by angel and team today's world......few peoples r left to think about humanity...... thanks to angel and team for providing this social platforms to save the life and humanity
Pritish khare,
Life Saving App A very good initiative... I have seen people running pillar to post for blood for their near & dear ones. This app will help us all in emergency.
Sanjeev pathak,
A very nice app for a social cause Save lives!! As the welcome message says it really serves the purpose. When I needed blood platelet for one my relative, I had raised request here and immediately got few calls to help. I was surprised that this really worked. Thanks to people who created this which helps people to save lives. I suggest people to use this app to get help and help others
Manjula CR,
Not only you can ask your friends for blood, this app helps you to connect with the angels of this world who may be complete strangers for you. Good one!!
Sreenidhi keshavan,

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